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 My mother is rather new to the whole computer/ internet scene and I've been helping her find her way these past few months. I set up an FB page for her and she has been doing well. I then decided to post a funny video on her behalf, with her permission of course and my eldest sister embarrassed the hell out of me and posted  a comment on FB saying that, "she knows that its me." 

So she basically she basically thinks that I've been posting all of the stuff on my mums FB. I'm pissed because I try to do something nice and I get chewed up for it. My sisters are always criticizing me and to do it on FB is wrong! This is a perfect example as to why we don't get a long. They are always riding me about one thing or another. I had thought that they'd be happy that I was helping mum, but I'm obviously still the back stabbing bitch that they perceive me to be, which I am not btw. 

I may be a somewhat bitter and pessimistic person, but I'm trying to rise above that and put myself out there. I'm not perfect either and have done some things in the past that was less than favorable, one time of which was a something that I  did that I did with good intentions, but it turned out to bite me in the ass. Anyways, I have learned from my mistakes and am willing to say that I'm in no way perfect. 

I try to do good, hoping that my good deeds will redeem me in someway, but I'm obviously going to be 'that' person to some people for the rest of my life.  My eldest sister doesn't forgive easily and I'm obviously going to continue to be the sacrificial lamb until she can find in her heart to forgive me for my past misdeeds. If it's what'll keep my family together than I'm willing to be that lamb over and over again. 

A lot of you won't understand what I'm talking about, but I'm sure some of you can relate when it comes to sibling rivalry. Overall, sometimes when you do something good people will still see it as a bad thing, but no matter, I'm stronger than their words and I will keep my head held high no matter what people throw at me. 



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