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* Note: I wrote a previous blog, but I had some issues with it so I deleted it.  So, without further ado, here's my updated post. *

It's not exactly  ideal when someone accuses you of something when you never did anything to them in the first place. It's even worse when this particular person decideds to publically deface you on a social media site because of it. That is why I censor what say on social media sites such as FB and EP because words can be twisted to suit other peoples needs and can cause all kinds of mispreseptions.

I unfortunatley have been maliciously defaced on FB on several occasions because I'm apparently talking about someone behind their backs, which I'm not by the way. If I have an opinion about someone, whether it be good or bad, I like to keep my opinons to myself out of respect for other people.  Unlike my accusor, I don't go on FB and constantly deface, complain and throw out accusations that have no real substance to them. I'm obviously mature enough to know when to hold my tounge.

Despite my accusors claims to intellectual superiority and maturity, he or she still behaves like a child. If one were to put us side by side they'd see that my accusor is nothing but a loud mouth and gossip mongler. I also know that this certain person reads my EP blogs, despite the fact that he or she doesn't even have an EP account.

I will admit that I have shared some censored thoughts on this site because this site is made for people to connect based on their experiences, thus being called the " Experience Project."  I've kept everything above board and will NOT apologize for blogs, stories, ect... either. So, why am I now complaining about this particular person? Because this person's sensless and crude cyber attacks on FB  are just that, sensless and crude. I'm finally speaking up because it needs to stop. I know that this certain person will read this and for the sake of their reputation on FB, I am saving them the humilation of having to read this where all of his or her's friends can see this.

I am speaking more directly to this person now, I know that we were friends for many years, but that is over now and I am over it.  Don't you think that it's about time that you move on to? You have a new life and a wonderful family that deserve more of your attention than I do.  I implore you to stop all this nonsense, get off your high horse and grow up!  You claim that I have no self confidence, well maybe I am not as confident as I want to be, but I that doesn't give you the right to continually attack me because you see me as an easy target. Oh and by the way, I neither want nor need anyone's pitty, especially yours.

Attacking someone for no reason is petty and downright low class. You claim to be intelligant and mature then act like it. I'm not the only person that feels this way about you and I won't be the last either if you continue to behave like a teenager.  We are both adults, so once again, I implore you to stop. If you choose to continue to behave this way then you won't hear from me again regardless. After this blog I am done with you. I am done and no matter what you say about me, whatever you say will just roll off my back like water.  I only hope for your sake that you take a step back and really look at what you're doing. Anyways, this is where I end this blog.

Take Care & God Bless

My mood: pretty Just, Ok.

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