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School's going well for the most part. My First. Yr. Seminar class is kind of chaotic, but I'm meeting new people in there and have made a few friends, surprise, surprise! My math class however is not too bad, but I still don't like this no homework policy that this particular proff has. When I asked him if us students could do the math lab homework, which is basically a website where you can do the book homework online. This site grades each section digitally so the teacher doesn't have to do it. All the teacher has to do is put the scores with the final grade. Easy peasy, right?

Well my prof won't even do that. He only grades us for attendence, quizzes and tests. Thank God my math skills have improved or else I'd be pretty much screwed right about now. Anyways, I'm a little sick right now with this stomach bug, I think it may be the novavirus that everyone keeps on yammering about.

Yes, I'm so not surprised that I got it because my immune system isn't good. I am not too bad, but I get tired very easily and keep stuff down is hard when you don't want to eat or drink anything in the first place. Despite the bug, I'm still managing to get my homework done. Thank God for the Tellie though or else I'd go insane.

Anyways, I should be getting my Mac Book Pro sometime this week. I am so oober excited because I've been waiting to get my own computer for a while. I am not getting the Renta display ones because they have no disc drive and their a hell of a lot more expensive. Nope I'm getting a 13 " 2.9 GHz with i7 processor. It will be worth it!
Like I said in my previous blogs, I'm done with PC computers.

Well that's pretty much it aside from the snow/ice storm that's supposed to be coming our way late tomorrow night.

Ta Ta


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