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I've had a pretty busy weekend. I finally have my new Mac book and I'm loving it :) I just wish Rhapsody would make a software that's compatible with the OS software. They have apps for other Apple products, so why not the MAC's???? Anyways, the computer isn't the only thing that I've purchased. I got a new TV, dvd/blu ray player and some new, but cheap furniture.

My sister's are gonna freak, but I don't care. I needed these things because everything that I had was basically on it's way out. Anyways, I've been pretty sick for the past couple of days due to a real bad bout of insomnia. It was terrible! I slept for a couple of hrs but I couldn't seem to stay asleep.

I know it was stress, but damn, it was rough. Anyways, I'm thinking about starting a video blog. Now that I have adequate software I can finally do it. Anyways, other than that school, is....well, it's school. History is kicking my ass, but it's a college History class, it's supposed to be hard. Math is ok, but I wish the teacher was more organized.

I'm not saying he's a bad prof, but I never know what to really expect when I go to class. It's the same way for my First yr., Seminar course. Everything's so cluttered and disorganized, which is something that I absolutely hate when it comes to school. Anyways, other than that life is great. My life has been drama free for a while, which is nice.

That crap with ex friends talking behind my back was getting exhausting. I believe my blog, " No Rhyme or Reason" actually sent the message that I was intending to get across. Anyways, I'm going to stop rambling now, lol.

Peace Out


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