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Ok, so I've been recently thinking a lot about something that happened 5 months ago. I'm sure you've all heard about Amanda Todd, right? Well, in light of her suicide I've now decided to start a sort of support group on here for people who are being bullied or have been bullied.

I know that they're are many other groups on this site that are related to bullying, but I still want to start my own. It's basically going to be a group to vent, share stories about bullying and seeking help for those who are being bullied, ext...

I hope that if we help each other out and become a more active anti- bullying advocates, we can make a difference in peoples lives. I know that we can't stop everyone for being bullied, but we can help ensure that there are supportive people out there willing to help those in need.

I personally believe that there isn't enough emphasis on bullying, especially in schools. There needs to be more out there for teenagers as well as adults so they know that they're NOT alone, and that there are those who do care about them.

I however would like to point out that we, as people can only help a person so much. The rest is ultimately up to that person being bullied. They have to be willing to take the extra step and get the help that they need and do what they need to do to stop from being bullied.

Anyways, I have also done a video blog on youtube, it's more like a " Amanda Todd Reaction." I know it's been like 5 months since her suicide, but there is never a wrong time to speak out, especially with regards to situations like this.

Anyways, I will have the group up as soon as I figure out how to create one, lol. I will also have the link to my video on youtube if anyone's interested in watching it. It's only 15 minutes long since youtube will only allow people to post videos for 15 minutes and under. i did do a longer one, but I couldn't edit it with out it looking weirdly detached so I created a shorter second video. Anyways, that's pretty much it for this blog,

Peace Out


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