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Ok, so I’m writing this blog to express my irritation for this battle of the brands, so to speak.  Whenever I tell people that my phone, tablet and computer are all made by Apple I’m constantly criticized for it. I get told that I am a mindless Apple drone who buys into fads.  According to society, if you’re an Apple user your one of those people who probably couldn’t screw on a light bulb to save your life. Yes, a person has told me that by the way.
Anyways, what does my choice in electronics have to do with my intelligence? What happened to the concept,  “ Get whatever works for you”? I like apple because their products are easy to understand and I don’t have to constantly hassle with them because I honestly don’t have the time. I’m in college and I have other obligations and, it’s nice to have a phone, tablet and lab top that’s easy to use and efficient. Yes, Apple products are more expensive, but I believe that they’re worth the money.
Every phone brand has their quirks, but that doesn’t make them horrible.  I don’t sit there and criticize a person for having a particular type of device because it’s low class. I for one am sick of the “ PC vs. Mac” and “ Apple vs. Android” crap, it’s just stupid. I will admit that I’ve had a few Androids and the apps always crash as well as the phones and some of them were top Android phones. I don’t have that trouble with my Iphone as well as my Ipad.
As for computers, I have had a lot of trouble with the PC’s. Ever since my old HP kicked the bucket I’ve had two PC’s in the past year alone. Both of course are from RAC and have AMD processors but still, even my HP with Intel had issues. I find that I had trouble updating the PC’s even though I did everything right. Then there’s the customer service. Apple’s is great and they even have workshops for new Apple users, which are FREE btw.
I never saw that with PC’s. I have had nothing but good tidings with my Apple products and that’s why I’ve chosen them.  This doesn’t mean I am an Android or PC hater. I don’t make it a note to be a hater like some people do. It’s just ridiculous when people loose their shit over a fucking machine, because that’s what they are, machines.  Overall, buy something that is right for you because it is you who’s going to be using the products. It’s up to you to make the choice and change your mind if you’re unhappy with a particular device.
Don’t hate on Steve Jobs either because if it weren’t for people like him you wouldn’t have cell phones, tablets and computers.  I think people forget that Apple revolutionized the way we as a society communicate with each other. Anyways, I have other things to do and I just needed to get this out of my system.

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Posted on 08:30AM on Feb 23rd, 2013
I am right there with you.
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